All the answers you will ever need is right here! 

First time here! Who are you?

Welcome to my site! Pokemon has been a huge part of my childhood and it was really refreshing to come back into the hobby. Join us in opening packs, join giveaways, and stay for the community! We'll open packs that you have requested, and you get the cards! I have a few friends that help me with packing, shipping as well as the design and maintenance of this website. We are based in Singapore.

How often do you stream?

I'll usually be live at least 5 days a week! Additionally, we change the days we stream as well as have extra streams for new set releases, or special events! Right now, its usually every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday! Stream will go live roughly around 9.30 PM GMT + 8 and end before 2 AM.

What happens to the bulk and codes?

For all breaks, you may choose to keep your bulk or not! If you choose to only receive your hits, you will only receive the Holo cards or better (RH, H, V, VMAX, GX and etc). If you'd like to receive bulk, you will get the commons and uncommons together with your hits! 

Note : Only English packs have code cards, Japanese packs do not have any code cards! 

Any bulk that is left is currently being used in a project for underprivileged kids. Type in !forthekids in chat!

When will breaks be opened?

Breaks are opened LIVE on stream. Link can be found here! If you do purchase any breaks while we aren't live, we will open it the next time we stream! If you were unable to watch the stream live, kindly rewatch the VOD or send me a DM via Twitch/Discord!

Who do you ship with?

Shipping cost is getting really expensive recently, and we want to find the most cost effective shipping option. Right now, hits will be shipped out via Singapore Post, which is Singapore's designated postal service and courier company.

Internationally, shipping will be registered, and we will send you the tracking number once the package has been sent out! 

Refunds, Exchanges, Returns

Since we break packs on stream live, refunds, exchanges or returns are not offered. This is especially in particular to the scenario where the pack has already been opened.